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Dynamic Trade Solutions provides state of the art electrical and plumbing installations to meet your needs. Dynamic Trade Solutions is one of Australia’s most specialised trade companies, providing electrical and plumbing installations to both the residential and commercial construction industries.


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Dynamic’s experienced electricians and plumbers have diverse and complex roles, each with a strong focus on goal documentation, career planning and progression into senior roles.

Dynamic’s clients and on-site crews are assisted by a large team of support staff, project managers and team leaders. Despite daily challenges, the team adopts a professional approach to all internal and external business matters to ensure you always receive seamless service.

Dynamic partners with all clients and employees as well as the community to provide a full range of electrical and plumbing services at competitive rates, holding a reputation for the quality of their service.

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In 2001, our Electrical division joined the construction industry servicing; new and existing builds, integrated data services, IT Infrastructure, telecommunications, and home automation and security. Our team can also assist with creating and designing efficient and cost-effective home solutions for your requirements. Dynamic provide electrical services at competitive rates without compromising on quality.

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Plumbing, founded in 1998 provides a wide range of plumbing solutions from; new and existing plumbing installations, drainage to plumbing maintenance, and our team of experienced plumbers provide a high level of customer service to ensure your experience comes with ease. From Plumbing designs and consultations through to the maintenance stage, we are here to work with you to service all your plumbing needs.

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